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Are you a serious golfer in search of serious golfing fun in the sub-tropic climates of Africa? Well, Kenya is a great golf destination for golf lovers. Kenya golf safaris present you with the perfect combination of vacation and a chance to play your game in some of Africa’s world class golf clubs. In Kenya, you will play golf in a selection of superb golf

Nyali Golf Course

Nyali Golf Course

courses, which are located in areas where you can effortlessly combine golfing and sightseeing excursions.

Kenya has 39 golf courses, 12 of them are used for championships. The courses are situated in locations characteristic of the country’s diverse and exciting topographies such as lakeshores, highlands, beaches and forests not to mention the ones that are in the major towns and suburban areas. For people who like taking off from the ordinary to adventure and explore the world, Kenya golf courses will truly change your golfing safari moments into memories leaving you relaxed and complete.



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