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 Royal Caribbean Norwegian & MSC Cruises Packages from Ksh.99k(Usd 990) Per Person Sharing

To Download Cruise Packages PDF Click Here

Destinations No of DaysPrice for the entire stay
Dubai – Muscat – AbuDhabi Cruise Package8 Days FROM KSHS. 99,999/-(Usd 1000)
Thailand – Malaysia - Singapore Cruise Package7 DaysFROM KSHS. 199,999/-(USD 2000)
China – Korea- Japan FROM KSHS. 199,999/- Cruise Package8 DAYSFROM KSHS. 199,999/-(USD 2000)
SPAIN – FRANCE - ITALY Cruise Package10DAYSFROM KSHS. 169,999/-(USD 1700)
ITALY – GREECE – TURKEY Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 189,999/-(USD 1900)
ENGLAND – FRANCE - BELGIUM Cruise Package 7 DAYSFROM KSHS. 179,999/-(USD 1800)
HAWAII ISLANDS Cruise Package11DAYS FROM KSHS. 269,999/-(USD 2700)
FLORIDA – BAHAMAS & 5 ISLANDS Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 259,999/-(USD 2600)
NEW YORK –NEWJERSEY - BOSTON Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 249,999/- (USD 2500)
Australia (Sydney-Melbourne) Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 299,999/-(USD 3000)
Canada, USA & New England Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 259,999/- (USD 2600)
New Zealand & Australia Cruise Package10 DAYS FROM KSHS. 299,999/-(USD 3000)


  • Economy class flights from Nairobi
  • Accommodation on board cruise in standard rooms
  • Meals on full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in different restaurants
  • Selected soft drinks and snacks throughout the day in different restaurants
  • Lots of entertainment on board


  • Visa Fees
  • Optional tours

Why Go on a Cruise and What Makes Cruise Holidays Special

We also recommend never to get stuck in one way of travel – it goes against the principles of evolution. One of the reasons we travel is to leave our everyday lives behind – to let loose and enjoy ourselves with those we love.
Cruising holidays are this sort of travel and what makes cruises so special is that you are on a ship for a short period of time with hundreds of people who are doing exactly the same thing as you. Imagine the atmosphere when you have 5000 people intending to have the time of their lives!!!

  • Would you see more vibrant, happy faces than tired, cranky ones?
  • Would you hear more laughter than tears and arguments?
  • Would your children enjoy it?
  • Would you see more people dancing, singing and being entertained by amazing shows than sitting around bored and complaining?

When people travel or go on holidays they become different people. They let their guards down and are more open to talking with strangers. Sharing their stories and hearing the fascinating tales of others. Think of how much we all love to share our stories. When you live a normal life the people around you have heard all your stories – actually are pretty tired of hearing them and you feel all dried up.Then you come to a place that is full of happy cruisers dying to share and hear different things. The conversations and laughter is flowing and you learn so much from strangers.

  • Of course you can have this with any travel experience too, but with cruising the difference is that everyone on this mini-city is on a holiday.
  • Fed delicious meals three times a day. No cooking or cleaning, just devouring and appreciating.
  • Drink when you feel like it. Watch the sunset every night over the water and rise again every morning over the water.
  • Start your day with a run around the top deck with ocean on either side. Spend the day sitting in a spa with a cocktail or lying on a lounge with your favourite book.
  • Play bingo and trivia games, go shopping and be entertained at night by piano players, jazz musicians, comedians, and live shows.

This is why we are big lovers of cruising and will recommend it to people who just want to let loose, relax and have fun without hassle.
Cruising reminds me of Vegas. The neon lights vibrantly spell FUN TIMES AHEAD.


Package 1 : Dubai – Muscat – AbuDhabi 8 days

Day 1Arrive Dubai and board
Day 2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 3 Khasab, Oman
Day 4 Muscat, Oman
Day 5 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
Day 6 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 7 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 8 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Also try: Dubai–India-Israel

    Package 2 :Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore 7 days
    Day 1 Singapore, Singapore
    Day 2 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    Day 3 Penang, Malaysia
    Day 4 Phuket, Thailand
    Day 5 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 6 Singapore, Singapore
    Day 7 shopping and touring of Singapore
    Also try: Bali–Malaysia-Singapore
    Package 3: China – Korea- Japan 8 days
    Day 1: Tainjin, Beijin, China
    Day 2 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 3 Nagasaki, Japan
    Day 4 Fukuoka , Japan
    Day 5 Busan, South Korea
    Day 6 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 7 Tainjin, Beijin, China
    Day 8 shopping and touring of Beijing
    Package 4: SPAIN – FRANCE – ITALY 10DAYS
    Day 1 Arriver Barcelona and board Cruise
    Day 2 Arrive Palma de Mallorca, Spai
    Day 3 Provence (Marseilles), France
    Day 4 Florence/Pisa (La Spezia), Italy
    Day 5 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
    Day 6 Naples (Capri), Italy
    Day 7 Fun at sea – cruising
    Day 8 Barcelona, city tour & hotel overnight
    Day 9 Full day shopping
    Day 10 flight back home

    Package 5:ITALY – GREECE – TURKEY 10 DAYS
    Day 1 Arrive Venice Italy and overnight at hotel
    Day 2 Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Day 3 fun at sea – Cruising
    Day 4 Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey
    Day 5 Santorini, Greece
    Day 6 Katakolon, Greece
    Day 7 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 8 Venice, Italy proceed to Milan or Rome
    Day 9 full day shopping
    Day 10 flight back home
    Day 1:Arrive Southampton, England
    Day 2: Cherbourg, France tour
    Day 3 Paris/Normandy city tour
    Day 4 FUN AT SEA – cruising
    Day 5 Brussels (Zeebrugge), Belgium
    Day 6 Southampton, city tour train to London
    Day 7 London city tour and hopping
    Day 8 flight back home

    Package 7: HAWAII ISLANDS 11DAYS
    Day 1 Arriver Honolulu (Oahu), Hawaii and board
    Day 2 Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii
    Day 3 Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii
    Day 4 Kailua Kona, Hawaii
    Day 5 Kauai (Nawiliwili), Hawaii
    Day 6 Hilo, Hawaii
    Day 7-11 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 12 Vancouver, British Columbia alight
    Package 8: FLORIDA – BAHAMAS & 5 ISLANDS 10 DAYS
    Day 1Arrive Fort Lauderdale, Florida and board
    Day 2 Nassau, Bahamas
    Day 3 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 4 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
    Day 5 Philipsburg, St. Maarten
    Day 6 Basseterre, St. Kitts
    Day 7 San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Day 8 Labadee, Haiti
    Day 9 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Day 1: Arrive Cape Liberty, New Jersey – board
    Day 2 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 3King’s Wharf, Bermuda
    Day 4King’s Wharf, Bermuda
    Day 5 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 6Boston, Massachusetts
    Day 7 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 8Cape Liberty, New Jersey
    Day 9 transfer to Newyork for shopping
    Day 10 take flight back home

    Package 10: Australia (Sydney-Melbourne) 10 days
    Day 1 Sydney, Australia
    Day 2 Newcastle, Australia
    Day 3 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 4 Hobart, Australia
    Day 5 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 6 Melbourne, Australia
    Day 7-11 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 8 Sydney, Australia

    Package 11: Canada, USA & New England 10 DAYS
    Day 1 Cape Liberty, Newyork.
    Day 2 Bayonne, New Jersey.
    Day 3 Boston , Massachusetts
    Day 4 Portland, Maine
    Day 5 Bar Harbor, Maine
    Day 6 Halifax, Nova Scotia – canada
    Day 7 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 8 Saint John, New Brunswick
    Day 9 Cruising with lots of fun at sea
    Day 10 Cape Liberty, Bayonne, N.J

    Package 12: New Zealand & Australia 10 DAYS
    Day 1: Auckland, New Zealand
    Day 2 Tauranga, New Zealand
    Day 3 Napier, New Zealand
    Day 4 Wellington, New Zealand
    Day 5 Picton, New Zealand
    Day 6 Akaroa, New Zealand
    Day 7 Dunedin, New Zealand
    Day 8 Dusky Sound
    Day 9 Milford Sound (Cruising
    Day 10 Sydney, Australia

    Thank you for choosing us
    *Welcome Again* *Karibu Tena *


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